In DEW ecology, everyone's equity can be traded in a fair and decentralized way in the blockchain world. With a versatile account, you can trade blockchain assets, stocks, futures, forex, ETFs, quizzes ect.
  • Blockchain Assets

    DEW launched the platform coin - DEW, which makes it more convenient to conduct various transactions on the platform. Wallets also make it easier to store a various sorts of cryptocurrencies for trading.

  • Futures

    DEW provides trading services of BTC, EOS, ETH, and SCM perpetual contracts. Users can conduct Long or Short at any time with multiple choices of leverage.

  • Stocks

    DEW connects blockchain assets with global security markets. Users are be able to use digital assets to purchase stocks listed on the American Stock Exchange, such as Alibaba, Apple etc. through the platform.

  • Forex

    DEW recently launched the perpetual forex contracts, which can be held overnight even on rest days.

  • ETF

    Being in development. Stay tuned.